• Use the simple tools to first recognize their 'brain zone' and then take the best action
  • Avoid unnecessary struggle and build life skills instead
  • Ditch the guessing and know exactly when and how to help 
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The life skills your child needs to thrive!

But "getting there" feels so hard

Maybe you've tried supplements, diet restrictions and nutritional therapy to help your child focus or control their impulses but they're STILL struggling.

You might be depending on accommodations to help them succeed in school, but they're still not happy and excited about their future.

Maybe you've even tried or considered medication to help them achieve success, but medication doesn't work for every kid and let's face it...pills don't build the skills they need for life.

You're sick and tired of the up and down roller coaster of trying the next recommendation, treatment or strategy and HOPING that it works. You're ready for far more certainty and happiness.

You're an ambitious mom ready to learn, reflect, grow and experiment alongside your child. Grow your relationship, learn new skills and create even more successes.
You've got what it takes, you just need a road map + support to make it happen.
I remember my son's fifth grade school year, like it was yesterday.

No matter how many treatments, tips and strategies we tried, everything was always a struggle and a constant reminder of the worry I felt when I thought about his future.

And after the medications, supplements, parenting classes, diet changes and tutor...me, my son (and my ENTIRE FAMILY) felt more stress than ever!

I wanted something better. I wanted to know how to raise a child with ADHD to be happy and successful in spite of their ADHD.

That school year was life-changing for me (and my entire family) because that's when I discovered a better way to help.

And the ADHD Success System was born.

Because thinking about their future should be a happy thing!
I'm a firm believer...

That EVERY child has the ability to grow up to be successful and happy.

YOU can raise a happy successful child

regardless of their ADHD (or any other diagnosis) without the worry for their future.

I want to help you get there.
Reviews from Clients
Olivia S.
Mom of 10 year old girl
My daughter had pretty much given up. I was so worried when she refused to take her medications too. I had tried everything to help her but she wasn't even interested in trying anymore. I didn't realize all the unique ways I could help her. Thank you!
Sarah N.
Mom of 12 year old boy
The realization of just how much my son has been struggling has been heartbreaking for me. I'm really glad to have a new outlook on how to help him thanks to you. I also learned that each day will have unique challenges and once something is working and helpful that it can all change the next day.
Rose G.
Mom of 14 year old boy
He seemed to be getting worse not better. I had put him through so much trying to figure out what would work for him.  We were both frustrated and anxious and our relationship was not good. I don't know where we would be if I had stayed on that path. I'm now excited to see what the future holds.
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*DISCLAIMER: I don't believe in "quick fixes" for children with ADHD. If you're just looking for tips, hacks or magic supplements that will solve your child's challenges and do all the work for you without you learning new skills and changing your parenting strategies, then this is NOT for you. I believe in hard work, adding value and serving others with excellence and integrity.

While I firmly believe these tools can make a massive difference to your child and family, I also know that -- just as with anything else in life -- your success will depend entirely on your own effort, energy and commitment.  If you want to succeed in anything -- including helping your child -- you must have a good plan, a solid work ethic and the ability to keep moving forward when you hit a snag.

The purpose of this tool is to give you a small sample of the helpful key fundamentals I have learned over the years. For those who find these tools valuable and wish to dive deeper, I also offer private coaching. If you are the kind of person that recognizes that anything worth achieving in this life is also worth working for, then I believe you are a perfect fit for what I have to offer and I'd love to help you and your child succeed!